Workshops and individual guidance in writing and art.

       Commissioned artwork in pastel and colored pencil. 



Peggy Rambach, M.A. M.F.A. has received grants and awards for her writing, and for her contribution to literacy and the Healing Arts. She is the author of a novel, (Steerforth Press), a collection of stories, (Ampersand Press) and the editor of two collections of memoirs (Paper Journey Press) that emerged from her community writing workshops  She is one of three artists featured in the documentary: 

The Healing Arts; New Pathways to Health.



Peggy began to draw when she urged her students to illustrate their writing. Then she expanded from pencil to pastel, and more recently to colored pencil. Now she teaches writing and art privately and in the women's program at a correctional facility in Boston. She learned pastel and colored pencil technique in several day-long workshops taught by established artists, but primarily, Peggy is self-taught.

Nature and Dogs


When she is not teaching, reading, writing, or making art Peggy runs and walks with her rescue dogs in nearby nature reservations. Peggy will donate 25% of the fee for a commissioned painting to one of the following non-profits: Lowell Humane Society,

GoDogsGo Rescue, The Nature Conservancy, Andover Village Improvement Society, or an environmental or animal welfare organization of your choice.