Creative Writing Workshops for Residents, Outpatient & Support Center Healthcare Facilities with Author Peggy Rambach


Health Care Facilities

Creative Writing Workshop for Residents, Outpatient and Support Center Facilities

This workshop gives participants the opportunity to record and dramatize their past, as well as navigate the complexities of their present through the forms of memoir fiction and poetry. Under the guidance of author, Peggy Rambach, and with the camaraderie of class members, residents of a health care facility will read work-in-progress for discussion, affirmation, and critique. It is helpful, but not required that outpatient participants write on a computer. Any assistance in-patient participants may need should be provided by the hosting facility and will be determined during the workshop’s
planning process.

“I found it uncommonly easy to learn from Peggy. She was specific, direct and clear in her guidance. At the same time, she upheld each writer’s dignity, elevated our strengths and genuinely applauded our effort. She modeled a proper balance of delivery, useful criticism, maintaining humor in the class and instilling a sense of capability in each member.” - The Wellness Community workshop participant

“I learned I could communicate.” Tewksbury State Hospital workshop participant.

Professional Caregiver Workshop:

This workshop provides professional caregivers, such as: nurses, social workers, technicians, therapists and physicians, the opportunity to explore, record and understand through the forms of memoir, fiction, and poetry the often morally complex, profound and dramatic experiences that are inevitably part of daily life. Under the guidance of author, Peggy Rambach, and with the camaraderie of class members participants will have the opportunity to read work-in-progress, discuss, and revise it as a means of learning the techniques necessary to convey experiences in a way that provides closure and understanding to the writer, and produces writing that enriches and informs his or her readers. The class is designed with respect for to the professional caregivers’ time constraints.

Family Caregiver Workshop:

This workshop provides family caregivers the opportunity to write and present fiction, memoir, and poetry that may express the frustrations, the fatigue, the fears, the logistical challenges, the conflicting emotions, and complex relationships with clinical caregivers and others, as well as the moments of triumph and grace that come with caring for a family member who is ill. Under the guidance of author, Peggy Rambach, and with the camaraderie of class members, participants will develop their work so that it brings them to discover and communicate to others insights to life-experience that are universal and enduring.

A Professional Development Workshop for Health Care Facility Staff

From Image to Insight:
Three Simple Strategies That Break the Blocks of Writing

These three professional development workshops provide health care staff with strategies that guide clients to write compelling poetry and prose.

  • In session one we will explore what triggers memory, choose an image in a photograph and begin a short memoir.

  • In session two we will discuss parallels between fine art and writing, interpret paintings by Edward Hopper, Edvard Munch, George Tooker and others, and then use one as the genesis for a poem.

  • In session three we will discuss and identify poems that make good models for clients to imitate and emulate.

Fee Structure:

Standard fee per hour: $60

One full-day residency: $500

6 week residency or 60 contact/non-contact hours: $3,600

All residency fees are negotiable.

Peggy Rambach collaborates with facilities and arts agencies to procure funding for her residencies.

General Statement About Workshops:

Peggy Rambach can design facility workshops as one-hour or one-day presentations, weekend or two week intensives, and six - ten week sessions. Longer sessions culminate with a reading and hard copy publication of participants’ work. All submissions to the booklet/website publication, and participation in the reading are voluntary. HIPAA Laws are observed in health care settings. All workshops in health care settings are followed by a twenty-minute debrief session with staff and/or administrators. Generally, workshop enrollment is limited to 12 participants.


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