Creative Writing Workshops for Correctional Facilities with Author Peggy Rambach


Correctional Facilities

This workshop gives inmates the opportunity to record and dramatize their past, as well as navigate the complexities of the present through the forms of memoir, fiction, and poetry. Participants will read work-in-progress for discussion, affirmation, and critique, and learn the skills and techniques that will make their writing communicate lasting insight for both the writer and his or her readers.

Student Response:
Suffolk County House of Correction, Boston Massachusetts:

I’ve learned many things in Peggy’s class. Not only creative writing and what it is, but I also learned that through writing, listening to it, and writing myself, I can become and do anything I want. So, I say again, “thank you” Peggy Rambach and please continue to open up the world of creative writing to people who would not otherwise know its joy, because by understanding creative writing as you have taught me, not only my mind has been opened and challenged, but also my heart.

-- Suffolk County House of Correction workshop participant

Fee Structure:

Standard fee per hour: $60

One full-day residency: $500

6 week residency or 60 contact/non-contact hours: $3,600

All residency fees are negotiable.

Peggy Rambach collaborates with facilities and arts agencies to procure funding for her residencies.

General Statement About Workshops:

Peggy Rambach can design facility workshops as one-hour or one-day presentations, weekend or two week intensives, and six - ten week sessions. Longer sessions culminate with a reading and hard copy publication of participants’ work. All submissions to the booklet/website publication, and participation in the reading are voluntary. HIPAA Laws are observed in health care settings. All workshops in health care settings are followed by a twenty-minute debrief session with staff and/or administrators. Generally, workshop enrollment is limited to 12 participants.


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